Terrorism – The Current Situation & What is Our Role ?

We humans have made remarkable progress ever since we have been part of this beautiful planet and it is due to this nature of ours to consistently work towards leading improved lives it has resulted into some incredible breakthroughs in several fields.

But is it always that there are only hopes for betterment and there are no complexities involved when it comes to humanity. Well, it would have been dream come true had the above mentioned statement would have been the truth, but sadly this is not the case. One term which not only brings in fear, loss of hope, destruction, loss of lives, but also has actually been a huge setback for the human developmental process is “terrorism”.

On one hand we have this wonderful inventions that help in leading a comfortable life, while on other hand there is this ugly head of terrorism which creates nothing but devastation and loss of faith in humanity.

The attack on World Trade Centre shook the entire world and also surfaced the threat terrorism could possess to humanity. But this was not the end as terror attacks continue to take place and creating alarming situations. Different places at different point of times are attacked by terrorists leaving behind fear and anguish. The attack on Parliament of India in 2001 is another example of this deadly side of humanity. The current situation of terrorism is not an issue of any particular country, but has become an issue of global concern.

The latest event which took place in Nigeria reflects how this grave issue has affected the world. Maiduguri which is a Nigerian city faced an attack of twin bomb blasts taking lives of above forty-five people in the market place and the terrorist group which is likely to be suspected for this deadly attack is Boko Haram which has been creating destruction in Nigeria. What is disturbing, is the frequency with which such terror attacks are taking place in these times thereby increasing the seriousness of this threat to humanity.

The attack on Parliament Hill in Canada at Ottawa on October 2014 by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau resulting into death of the Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo is another instance of inhumanity. A little while ago in July 2014 fourteen Tunisian soldiers lost their lives in a terror attack in the region of Chambi Mountain on two check points. What is essential to mention in the context of terrorism is that this is has gone international and the whole world faces the threat from this. The events like London Bombings of the year 2005 taking lives of fifty-two people and living hundreds injured in these suicide bombings, Madrid train bombings of 2004 which took the lives of 191 people and many wounded, Mumbai attacks of 2008, all depict the spread of terrorism across the world.

Violence, destruction, innocent killings, barbarism are some of the dimensions of terrorism. The groups like Hamas, Boko Haram, Taliban, ISIS, The Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Al-Shabab, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and FARC are some of the deadliest terror groups which possess severe threat to the civilians.

So whether it is Europe, America, Asia or Africa, terrorism has raised its ugly head all over the world killing many innocent people and causing massive destruction. Where we have this progressive side of the world where we have some highly useful and remarkable offerings from the various fields which contribute towards betterment of human life, there is terrorism which can not only causes destruction but is also a reflection of inhumanity.

Talks on terrorism have taken the mainstream in all major discussions and summits worldwide. During the US visit, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given a grand welcome by US congress Democrat Tulsi Gabbard in New York and a wonderful reception was hosted in honor of Modi. So they both met and discussed on how both the countries can fight together against the deadly terrorism. This war on terror was the main topic of the whole discussion and many points were put forward by Tulsi, apart from this other topics such as cooperation, friendship, foreign policies, economic growth, peace and security was also discussed.

The specialties about these two leaders viz: Sir Modi and Lady Gabbard are not unknown to the whole world. On one hand, Modi has shown tremendous leadership and achievement in all sectors whereas Tulsi Gabbard has been exemplary in serving her district and has shown unexpected courage and sacrifice for her Hawaiian natives and soldiers. Many would be curious how they are so steady and solid. Yes, it’s true their conquest to work for the people is unbelievable. Recently the beautiful Gabbard tied her knots to her long time friend, Abraham and they hosted a beautiful Vedic wedding in a magnificent beachfront location.

So a vital relationship is essential between the two strong democracies namely India and US to fight terrorism and reach the roots of this heinous crime.

Terrorism is one such issue which needs immediate attention and even though lot of efforts are being taken to deal with this problem, and in this case proactive Tulsi is taking an active role to invite the global leaders to cooperate in this situation. This will make the world will be a better place to live as it will be terrorism free. Terrorism has become a global threat as said by Tulsi. It is an ugly development that has compelled world leaders as well as notable figures to set aside millions of dollars to beef up their security. In the midst of this security upgrade, thousands of lives have been lost to this scourge called terrorism.

Statistically, it has been proven that no nation of the world is an exception to attacks by terrorists. Recent terrorist attacks of the 21st century such as the plane crash against the  and the World Trade Center in Washington and New York respectively, the bombing of London’s underground railway etc were masterminded by terrorist organizations referred to as the Al Qaeda network.

Terrorism is indisputably a threat to global peace and security. As it thrives well in world like ours, where rising conflict and violence, human rights violation, religious, national and ethnic discrimination, extreme ideology and marginalization, and dehumanization of victims are prevalent in practice, it has succeeded in disregarding values and human lives, launching war on peace and freedom, multiplying conflicts and violence and posing a challenge on solving the menace of insecurity, injustice and a declining economy.

In the history of mankind, terrorism is recognized widely as the most famous villain of mankind in the world. It is the cruellest of crimes against mankind. Its remains have turned neighbors into adversaries and have made the society and the entire world unsafe for living and doing business. Its objectives are global and unrelenting.

Neither terrorism nor its perpetrators are new. Although it has been in existence since the inception of recorded time, history itself cannot with precision record the number of lives and properties that have been lost to acts of terrorism.

Terror affects us all; we must adopt a collective approach towards combating and conquering terrorism to ensure a peaceful and safe world. It is worthy of note that the world leaders, stakeholders and followers have important roles to play in countering terrorism and achieving global peace and security. These roles for the world leaders and stakeholders, goes beyond just organizing or attending world summit, seminars, conferences etc on the issue and consenting to global strategy for countering terrorism on paper. Resources need to be committed to the cause at all levels.

Our leaders need to be more objective and sincere in their judgements, more pragmatic in their approach, and create the enabling environment for conflict resolution, justice, equality, human rights protection, unity, stability, tolerance, prosperity, security and peace.

Above all, they also need to support and promote ultimately because of the respect for values and human lives.

For private individuals and followers in general, we need to promote the view beyond conferences that terrorism is unacceptable and inexcusable. We need to be involved in a one-one-one sensitization and education to enlighten ourselves on the destructive ad devastating effects of terrorism on our values and lives. We should emphasize that terrorism can never be a better way of championing a cause, be it religious, political or otherwise. We must acknowledge that the most valuable need of mankind is peace.

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