Why Innovation, Team Work and Optimism are Pillars of Success?

If you ask successful people to give a definition of success, chances are; you will get different definitions from each of them. In case you want them to elaborate their brief accounts into something boarder and meaningful explanation, you can realize how most of them think; innovation, teamwork, and optimism are three important aspects of success. This trio of secrets of success doesn’t simply imply to someone’s professional life, it has an equally strong relevance with their personal life as well.

We know of many success stories, which highlight various factors and practices that lead any normal human being towards excellence which in due course of time convert into success. Real life examples are definitely better to understand these fine qualities and its connection with success; hence, here is our pick for you.

A. Innovation – Think beyond Ordinary

Innovation, simply put in words, can be something which is done differently from others. In that, people come up with something very unique, which didn’t have any existence. And, sometimes people also remodel things which are already present, but with their personalized touch. Innovation is essential these days. It helps business leaders to discover something new and fresh, which isn’t common for customer’s experience; as a result, their curiosity may bring instant results.

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Jan Koum: He is a co-founder of WhatsApp, a messaging service, which was acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp is most used messaging service with billions of messages sent over it daily. Even though there are many messaging service providers in the market, but none is as popular as WhatsApp. Jan Koum’s innovative idea of zero advertisements over WhatsApp platform is the main reason for its success. This innovative idea helps WhatsApp in penetrating global market with ease. While other messaging service providers display advertisements on their platform, WhatsApp has strategically abstained from doing so.

Generally, people don’t like push advertisements fed to them via their service providers, especially when they are in the middle of something important. Hence, though there is a reliable intelligent algorithm in place which keeps track of person’s browsing history and displays ads accordingly; WhatsApp is not favoring advertisement option. Underlying idea is to provide seamless and uninterrupted service to customers. We can’t predict if WhatsApp will or not include advertisement on its platform in future, but, at present, for this very innovative idea they are the undisputed leader of messaging service.

Larry Page: One of the co-founders of Google, a company — that enjoys over 12 percent growth in revenue every year. Larry Page is very influential and considered to be the person behind most innovative ideas of Google. Today, Google is the largest search engine in the market, which accounts for around 60% of searches worldwide. On close examination, one will understand how Google have played it smart with their innovative ideas. Best thing Google have done over the years is they haven’t allowed anyone to form a monopoly on their search engine results. As soon as they realize that smart digital marketing professionals have understood their search engine algorithms, they introduce updates, which bring drastic changes to the man-made manipulations. Besides, Google also has introduced these changes for better consumer experience. With updates like Panda and Penguin, Google ensured that search can become more relevant for users and dig out best responses according to input submitted by users in the search engine.

B. Team Work – Unity is Strength

Haven’t we learned in school that unity is the strength? This lesson didn’t end at school only; rather it is more valuable, once you start working. Any business with a poor team is more likely to crash before taking off. Great teams can accomplish big feats and make impossible looking tasks look possible. Having a formidable team can let you achieve results which otherwise looks very irrational for any individual to achieve. In the present and the past, we have seen many examples of teamwork, which has resulted in rising of big names. Let’s see how teamwork has been a driving force behind success.

CATERPILLAR: Caterpillar, one of the leaders of heavy equipment and earth moving plants is a perfect example of teamwork. They believe in the doctrine of helping each other for success. At Caterpillar, individual are motivated to live, work and share their unique talents with other team members. This practice helps in bringing all the team members closer to each other. The experience of team member 1 can be very inspiring for team member 2 and so on; when everyone shares their experience, Caterpillar teams have a rich pool of ideas from different individuals. When a team performs together, suggestions, ideas and innovative thoughts aren’t coming out of a single source, rather have multiple outlets. Any of the team members can take initiative and come up with a thought-provoking idea. This way each and every resource is tapped and has their say in the growth process. A team essentially has a bigger part to play in any organization. Every team member has their own responsibilities, but they are all focused towards painting that big picture of Caterpillar’s commitment. Though every individual’s productivity is important, teamwork brings that sense of competition which drives every member of the team to bring best out of him, in the process, achieving goals of the business as a whole.


Walt Disney and His 9 Old Men: Walt Disney is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the entertainment world. But, very few people know that Walt Disney is one of the most powerful examples of teamwork at the workplace. The name, which is behind most famous cartoon characters of this genre are work of Walt Disney and his 9 old men. Les Clark, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, Wolfgang Reitherman, John Lounsbery, Eric Larson, Ward Kimball, Milt Kahl, and Marc Davis were the 9 old men, who along with Disney, infused life into famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White and more. Walt Disney always knew conceptualizing and creating all these characters isn’t a task of an individual and can’t be realized single-handedly. Therefore, all these characters were created by a team, which become famous as 9 Old Men. Not only, these characters were very famous, some of these characters are the highest money making cartoons in the world today.

There are many other such instances which are an alibi for teamwork. Don’t we already know all big and marvelous creations of men, that we all proudly adore today, are resultant of teamwork?

C. Optimism – A Die Hard Approach

Very rightly said, “A good beginning is half the battle won.” A good beginning is an absolute virtue of optimistic thought process. We know of people, who have defied death with their optimistic – never say die, attitude. As an entrepreneur, one needs to be optimistic and cheerful, even when you’re sailing against the current. In the context of optimistic approach, Benjamin Franklin said: “While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.” Let’s examine few role models of optimistic approach.

Alexander “The Great”: Alexander was unarguably the most ferocious conquerors of all in the human civilization. During his evasions, he used to set up makeshift camps for resting his army. In one such camp, one of his soldiers came rushing and warned Alexander that they are surrounded by enemies from all sides. Soldier apparently was very worried, but the optimistic Alexander, as always was very calm.

His apt reply to the worried soldier may be one of the funniest things you would hear for the day. With his astute calmness, he said, “Okay, then we can take offense to all sides without thinking much.” In a situation, where most of us would have fainted, he stood tall and displayed his optimism. Many can argue; this idea isn’t very effective. But, the matter of the fact is, Alexander had won the battle.

Joseph Bismark: In one line, he is an intense personality embodied with spiritual instincts. He has already earned a great name in the world of business and commerce. In fact he is more than a businessman. All his approach which is mixed with the foundation of spiritual values makes him unique among all successful business icons.

We need everyone by Joseph bismark

His open and consultative management style has made him successful to establish such multi-million dollar business and conglomerates. Joseph Bismark’s attitude towards crisis and problems in personal life & corporate life do not deter him to compromise his stern values. His upbringing is an ashram in the early age has made him solid rock strong to deal with all kinds of good and evil situations.

The best thing to learn from him is – he considers each person, teammate, employee as important and potential for growth. He adds personally, “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things”. That shows how optimistic and solid belief he has on his manpower; he treats everyone as his friends in the organization. He often responds that they are part of a single big family and advocates to have respect and love for each other.

Contribution to the society well-being and harmony is really commendable. A man of a great heart, Joseph Bismark who is also the founding director of the famous Business Group, he actively sustains and supports Taraana, a school for children with special learning needs. This stems out from the culture of giving and helping those less fortunate. Find more about the QI Group and Joseph Bismark here.

Richard Branson: He is the man, who made “Virgin” word more popular than anyone else in the world. He is one of the optimistic businessmen around today. Richard Branson once said, “Virgin is an adventurous company because I am an adventurer as well as an entrepreneur.” Many people do criticize his adventurism, but the fact remains intact that he is a billionaire and continuously features in the Forbes list of richest people in the world. He is a die-hard adventurer, who once dared to travel across Atlantic in a balloon and also have guts to cross the English Channel in record time riding on an amphibious vehicle. Many people must question, what optimism has to do with his success. Maybe their concern is very genuine. But, for a second, imagine, is it really possible to become a billionaire from a school dropout without an optimistic approach. It is his positive frame of mind that allows him to take a risk and win most of the time than not. Though, he made few blunders in life, but, he didn’t give up his optimistic approach to the living, and similarly for his business.


All the above examples include some of the greatest personalities of present and yesteryear. They all excelled in their respective fields and engraved their names in the history books. They are the bunch of real heroes who will inspire people for generations. Respect!

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