Why Innovation, Team Work and Optimism are Pillars of Success?

If you ask successful people to give a definition of success, chances are; you will get different definitions from each of them. In case you want them to elaborate their brief accounts into something boarder and meaningful explanation, you can realize how most of them think; innovation, teamwork, and optimism are three important aspects of success. This trio of secrets of success doesn’t simply imply to someone’s professional life, it has an equally strong relevance with their personal life as well.

We know of many success stories, which highlight various factors and practices that lead any normal human being towards excellence which in due course of time convert into success. Real life examples are definitely better to understand these fine qualities and its connection with success; hence, here is our pick for you.

A. Innovation – Think beyond Ordinary

Innovation, simply put in words, can be something which is done differently from others. In that, people come up with something very unique, which didn’t have any existence. And, sometimes people also remodel things which are already present, but with their personalized touch. Innovation is essential these days. It helps business leaders to discover something new and fresh, which isn’t common for customer’s experience; as a result, their curiosity may bring instant results.

journey of life

Jan Koum: He is a co-founder of WhatsApp, a messaging service, which was acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp is most used messaging service with billions of messages sent over it daily. Even though there are many messaging service providers in the market, but none is as popular as WhatsApp. Jan Koum’s innovative idea of zero advertisements over WhatsApp platform is the main reason for its success. This innovative idea helps WhatsApp in penetrating global market with ease. While other messaging service providers display advertisements on their platform, WhatsApp has strategically abstained from doing so.

Generally, people don’t like push advertisements fed to them via their service providers, especially when they are in the middle of something important. Hence, though there is a reliable intelligent algorithm in place which keeps track of person’s browsing history and displays ads accordingly; WhatsApp is not favoring advertisement option. Underlying idea is to provide seamless and uninterrupted service to customers. We can’t predict if WhatsApp will or not include advertisement on its platform in future, but, at present, for this very innovative idea they are the undisputed leader of messaging service.

Larry Page: One of the co-founders of Google, a company — that enjoys over 12 percent growth in revenue every year. Larry Page is very influential and considered to be the person behind most innovative ideas of Google. Today, Google is the largest search engine in the market, which accounts for around 60% of searches worldwide. On close examination, one will understand how Google have played it smart with their innovative ideas. Best thing Google have done over the years is they haven’t allowed anyone to form a monopoly on their search engine results. As soon as they realize that smart digital marketing professionals have understood their search engine algorithms, they introduce updates, which bring drastic changes to the man-made manipulations. Besides, Google also has introduced these changes for better consumer experience. With updates like Panda and Penguin, Google ensured that search can become more relevant for users and dig out best responses according to input submitted by users in the search engine.

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