Relating with God As Our Best Friend

God, the Supreme Person, is our Best Friend. Spiritual life is relating with God, loving Him,  as our very Best Friend. We are related to God eternally through a bond of kinship. He is our closest relative and the very foundation of our existence. There can be no person closer to us in an absolute sense than our Supreme Friend. However, when we come into this material dimension, we are immediately plunged into forgetfulness. Although we are eternal spiritual beings, part and parcel of the Supreme Person, when we fall under the influence of material nature, we forget our spiritual origins.

We become covered by layers of material energy that we take to be our self. Instead of knowing that we are the spiritual individual merely wearing the material clothes of the body and mind, we become convinced that we actually are these clothes. Our natural spiritual inclinations and activities become increasingly suppressed as we become more and more absorbed in the world of matter. We forget what our life was like before we entered the material world, and also do not remember our past lives within the world of matter. We even forget our relationship with very closest Friend, the topmost love of our life, God.

The depth of our forgetfulness is so severe that many of us have completely forgotten that God even exists. And among those of us that do at least remember His existence, very few remember what He is like. In such a forgetful condition, it is very difficult for us to have a close relationship with Him. We feel much closer to our parents, spouse, children, peers, even our pets, and so we spend most of our time and energy cultivating our relationships with them. Because we do not feel a deeply intimate and loving personal connection with God, we do not give this relationship priority in our lives – even though He is actually the closest Person to us. He is eternally our very greatest and dear most beloved Friend, but because our consciousness is covered by material influence, we forget this. All too often, we erroneously perceive God as being distant, vague, aloof, even impersonal.

When we do not have a close loving friendship with the Person who is in actuality our very Best Friend, we experience in the core of our hearts the deep pain of missing Him. There is a persistent emptiness in our heart of hearts, a deep loneliness that cannot be filled by any relationship, situation, or thing of this world. We can cover it up temporarily, we can distract ourselves for a time, but this emptiness will remain until we are able to truly revive our lost relationship with our Supreme Friend.

So how can we revive this lost relationship with God? How can we again have a close and loving friendship with Him, given that we can barely even remember Him?

Fortunately, the Supreme Person Himself has given us instructions for reviving our lost relationship of loving friendship with Him. In the bonafide scriptures of the world, we will find God’s instructions to us. And in the Vedic or yoga scriptures, in particular, we will find very clear and detailed instructions on how we can awaken our remembrance of the Supreme Person and cultivate our love for Him.

In the yoga texts, it is explained that we can awaken our dormant love for God by engaging in devotional service to Him. I also found something great from a sincere student of Jagad guru who explains the prominent aspects of yoga in this video. Out of the nine types of devotional service, the most essential for this day and age are the hearing and repeating of the transcendental Names of the Supreme. In yoga, this is called Mantra Meditation. Continue reading Relating with God As Our Best Friend