Turning Our Hearts Back to Goodness

It is not at all surprising to every one of us -we meet miseries everywhere. Starting from our bodily miseries (like disease, pain & death), miseries from economic problems, relationship, natural calamities, dangers and personal delusions etc. It would not be wrong to define all these as – “misgivings of the material nature”. This is inherent to this world. Many other similar things affect our lives as a whole, affect our peace and happiness. We feel that we cannot escape these. We continuously struggle to find an easy way out – at least temporarily.

And we often fail 🙁

Consequently, we suffer from fear, we lose faith, our hearts are hardened, we gradually lose the natural tendency to care others, we deliberately close our eyes to worldly problems to comfort ourselves and think as secure. Moreover if we focus on the larger band, we witness killings, wars, and political quagmire which spoil life of uncountable masses. In the end, we feel practically helpless.

Where are we heading to? Have we ever stopped by and thought about the real cause and the results.

We cannot experience true happiness living just for ourselves. The unnatural selfishness and ignorance has kept us away from all kinds of goodness and natural state of the heart i.e. compassion, lasting happiness and joy. In other words we have lost our hearts to artificiality & self-centeredness.

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Terrorism – The Current Situation & What is Our Role ?

We humans have made remarkable progress ever since we have been part of this beautiful planet and it is due to this nature of ours to consistently work towards leading improved lives it has resulted into some incredible breakthroughs in several fields.


But is it always that there are only hopes for betterment and there are no complexities involved when it comes to humanity. Well, it would have been dream come true had the above mentioned statement would have been the truth, but sadly this is not the case. One term which not only brings in fear, loss of hope, destruction, loss of lives, but also has actually been a huge setback for the human developmental process is “terrorism”.

On one hand we have this wonderful inventions that help in leading a comfortable life, while on other hand there is this ugly head of terrorism which creates nothing but devastation and loss of faith in humanity.

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Let’s not Forget the Unsung Martyrs : Inspired by Tulsi Gabbard

Some personalities need very less introduction, as we start to talk about Tulsi Gabbard, the U.S. House of Representatives for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. She’s even beyond inspiration. It won’t be wrong to describe her as a great luminary that personifies empowerment, sacrifice, willpower and selfless service.

TG - a deep storehouse of personal strengths and leadership qualities

The Amazing Tulsi Gabbard is aptly described as “A deep storehouse of personal strength and leadership qualities.”

Recently, on the event of “Bloody Sunday”, Tulsi released a statement that reminds of the great sacrifice made by African Americans 50 years back. They suffered a great degree of political injustice and civil rights inequality. They were not allowed to exercise their voting rights. In an attempt to answer this, they launched a mass movement marked by a huge public march from Selma to Montgomery to raise the attention of the then ruling authority.

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Modi & Tulsi Gabbard follow Gita, taught by Guru & Spiritual Teachers of Millions of People

As parents we all want our children to follow in the footsteps of people we can trust. We become anxious when our children make friends with the dubious neighbours or seem a little attracted to the other kids who are just not quite on the right side of the law. As they grow up we want them to become good citizens, to do the right things, to know what is acceptable and what is not.

In today’s world finding such a person or people who are the role models we hope our children will copy seems elusive. If we look at the political arena, we can see that people start out with high ideals but often become embroiled in difficulties.

Tulsi gabbard has a foundation that places service to the people and to the creation of a strong and wise society at its fore. Tulsi is one such politician that we can easily place our trust in. This wisdom comes from her longstanding commitment to the principles laid out in the Holy scripture,  Bhagavad Gita followed and taught by all guru, spiritual teacher and spiritual masters worldwide.

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Real Meaning Of Democracy

Democracy plainly can be defined as the representative government. In other words, it means government by the people’s representatives. The citizenry choose those to represent them and their interest in government.

Another school of thought see democracy as government of the majority with the interest of the minority protected. This is to say that the group or party with the majority of votes form government but the interest of the minority is guaranteed by the constitution.

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