Why Innovation, Team Work and Optimism are Pillars of Success?

If you ask successful people to give a definition of success, chances are; you will get different definitions from each of them. In case you want them to elaborate their brief accounts into something boarder and meaningful explanation, you can realize how most of them think; innovation, teamwork, and optimism are three important aspects of success. This trio of secrets of success doesn’t simply imply to someone’s professional life, it has an equally strong relevance with their personal life as well.

We know of many success stories, which highlight various factors and practices that lead any normal human being towards excellence which in due course of time convert into success. Real life examples are definitely better to understand these fine qualities and its connection with success; hence, here is our pick for you.

A. Innovation – Think beyond Ordinary

Innovation, simply put in words, can be something which is done differently from others. In that, people come up with something very unique, which didn’t have any existence. And, sometimes people also remodel things which are already present, but with their personalized touch. Innovation is essential these days. It helps business leaders to discover something new and fresh, which isn’t common for customer’s experience; as a result, their curiosity may bring instant results.

journey of life

Jan Koum: He is a co-founder of WhatsApp, a messaging service, which was acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp is most used messaging service with billions of messages sent over it daily. Even though there are many messaging service providers in the market, but none is as popular as WhatsApp. Jan Koum’s innovative idea of zero advertisements over WhatsApp platform is the main reason for its success. This innovative idea helps WhatsApp in penetrating global market with ease. While other messaging service providers display advertisements on their platform, WhatsApp has strategically abstained from doing so.

Generally, people don’t like push advertisements fed to them via their service providers, especially when they are in the middle of something important. Hence, though there is a reliable intelligent algorithm in place which keeps track of person’s browsing history and displays ads accordingly; WhatsApp is not favoring advertisement option. Underlying idea is to provide seamless and uninterrupted service to customers. We can’t predict if WhatsApp will or not include advertisement on its platform in future, but, at present, for this very innovative idea they are the undisputed leader of messaging service.

Larry Page: One of the co-founders of Google, a company — that enjoys over 12 percent growth in revenue every year. Larry Page is very influential and considered to be the person behind most innovative ideas of Google. Today, Google is the largest search engine in the market, which accounts for around 60% of searches worldwide. On close examination, one will understand how Google have played it smart with their innovative ideas. Best thing Google have done over the years is they haven’t allowed anyone to form a monopoly on their search engine results. As soon as they realize that smart digital marketing professionals have understood their search engine algorithms, they introduce updates, which bring drastic changes to the man-made manipulations. Besides, Google also has introduced these changes for better consumer experience. With updates like Panda and Penguin, Google ensured that search can become more relevant for users and dig out best responses according to input submitted by users in the search engine.

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Relating with God As Our Best Friend

God, the Supreme Person, is our Best Friend. Spiritual life is relating with God, loving Him,  as our very Best Friend. We are related to God eternally through a bond of kinship. He is our closest relative and the very foundation of our existence. There can be no person closer to us in an absolute sense than our Supreme Friend. However, when we come into this material dimension, we are immediately plunged into forgetfulness. Although we are eternal spiritual beings, part and parcel of the Supreme Person, when we fall under the influence of material nature, we forget our spiritual origins.

We become covered by layers of material energy that we take to be our self. Instead of knowing that we are the spiritual individual merely wearing the material clothes of the body and mind, we become convinced that we actually are these clothes. Our natural spiritual inclinations and activities become increasingly suppressed as we become more and more absorbed in the world of matter. We forget what our life was like before we entered the material world, and also do not remember our past lives within the world of matter. We even forget our relationship with very closest Friend, the topmost love of our life, God.

The depth of our forgetfulness is so severe that many of us have completely forgotten that God even exists. And among those of us that do at least remember His existence, very few remember what He is like. In such a forgetful condition, it is very difficult for us to have a close relationship with Him. We feel much closer to our parents, spouse, children, peers, even our pets, and so we spend most of our time and energy cultivating our relationships with them. Because we do not feel a deeply intimate and loving personal connection with God, we do not give this relationship priority in our lives – even though He is actually the closest Person to us. He is eternally our very greatest and dear most beloved Friend, but because our consciousness is covered by material influence, we forget this. All too often, we erroneously perceive God as being distant, vague, aloof, even impersonal.

When we do not have a close loving friendship with the Person who is in actuality our very Best Friend, we experience in the core of our hearts the deep pain of missing Him. There is a persistent emptiness in our heart of hearts, a deep loneliness that cannot be filled by any relationship, situation, or thing of this world. We can cover it up temporarily, we can distract ourselves for a time, but this emptiness will remain until we are able to truly revive our lost relationship with our Supreme Friend.

So how can we revive this lost relationship with God? How can we again have a close and loving friendship with Him, given that we can barely even remember Him?

Fortunately, the Supreme Person Himself has given us instructions for reviving our lost relationship of loving friendship with Him. In the bonafide scriptures of the world, we will find God’s instructions to us. And in the Vedic or yoga scriptures, in particular, we will find very clear and detailed instructions on how we can awaken our remembrance of the Supreme Person and cultivate our love for Him.

In the yoga texts, it is explained that we can awaken our dormant love for God by engaging in devotional service to Him. I also found something great from a sincere student of Jagad guru who explains the prominent aspects of yoga in this video. Out of the nine types of devotional service, the most essential for this day and age are the hearing and repeating of the transcendental Names of the Supreme. In yoga, this is called Mantra Meditation. Continue reading Relating with God As Our Best Friend

Turning Our Hearts Back to Goodness

It is not at all surprising to every one of us -we meet miseries everywhere. Starting from our bodily miseries (like disease, pain & death), miseries from economic problems, relationship, natural calamities, dangers and personal delusions etc. It would not be wrong to define all these as – “misgivings of the material nature”. This is inherent to this world. Many other similar things affect our lives as a whole, affect our peace and happiness. We feel that we cannot escape these. We continuously struggle to find an easy way out – at least temporarily.

And we often fail 🙁

Consequently, we suffer from fear, we lose faith, our hearts are hardened, we gradually lose the natural tendency to care others, we deliberately close our eyes to worldly problems to comfort ourselves and think as secure. Moreover if we focus on the larger band, we witness killings, wars, and political quagmire which spoil life of uncountable masses. In the end, we feel practically helpless.

Where are we heading to? Have we ever stopped by and thought about the real cause and the results.

We cannot experience true happiness living just for ourselves. The unnatural selfishness and ignorance has kept us away from all kinds of goodness and natural state of the heart i.e. compassion, lasting happiness and joy. In other words we have lost our hearts to artificiality & self-centeredness.

Yes at this point anyone may ask – are we capable of doing something regarding these miseries. One may feel himself very small and powerless to try something? Yes this may be true to some extent, but each small attempt can have a great impact. We can switch back to the real state of our hearts when we are enlightened, when we practice compassion, when we know the truth of our very existence. Putting it another way – when we turn our hearts back to goodness, we can feel happy, satisfied & real joy, we can be of some help to our fellow society too. So how we do it? Let’s read further.

Get Rid of Attachment, Lust & Greed

Due to over ambitiousness and huge economic proposition we build up cutthroat environments; we end up in pollution, uneven economy, deforestation, wasting natural resources and unfair distribution of commodities. Gandhi has said rightly – “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

gandhi quotes on greed

Due to lust and greed each one of us attempts to lord over the natural assets and misuse it. Individuals in power also try to manipulate the system or government for personal benefit.

For example: research and testing of weapons, manufacturing and testing of bombs pollutes the ocean and makes it difficult for the sea animals, moreover digging of oil wells in the middle of sea generates a huge amount toxic which simply kills the sea creatures. Wastes from industries straight go into the mouth of oceans which further make difficult for the lives of fish.

Use of chemicals and animal farming is just leaving the fields unusable for further crops. So it is already a danger signal for our food and water scarcity. All we need to stop these; else the harsh reality is not too far.

Rethinking on the Concept of Enough

“Is there enough to go round? Immediately we encounter a serious difficulty: What is “enough”? Who can tell us? Certainly not the economist who pursues “economic growth” as the highest of all values and therefore has no concept of “enough.” There are poor societies which have too little; but where is the rich society that says: “Halt! We have enough”? There is none.”

Quoted from E. F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful – Economics as if People Mattered (New York: Harper and Row, 1973), p. 25.

How much is enough, it’s not a debate to participate. We all know how much is enough? We simply need some food to eat, something to wear, a house to live and of course we need money for all these. We need to earn or work and we also need some money for emergencies. But in the name of earning our necessities we are over engaging ourselves in material endeavors. We are ruthlessly exploiting the nature and the planet to its best for our over-sized dream of a lavish life. We should only accept what is necessary and avoid exaggerations.

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Terrorism – The Current Situation & What is Our Role ?

We humans have made remarkable progress ever since we have been part of this beautiful planet and it is due to this nature of ours to consistently work towards leading improved lives it has resulted into some incredible breakthroughs in several fields.


But is it always that there are only hopes for betterment and there are no complexities involved when it comes to humanity. Well, it would have been dream come true had the above mentioned statement would have been the truth, but sadly this is not the case. One term which not only brings in fear, loss of hope, destruction, loss of lives, but also has actually been a huge setback for the human developmental process is “terrorism”.

On one hand we have this wonderful inventions that help in leading a comfortable life, while on other hand there is this ugly head of terrorism which creates nothing but devastation and loss of faith in humanity.

The attack on World Trade Centre shook the entire world and also surfaced the threat terrorism could possess to humanity. But this was not the end as terror attacks continue to take place and creating alarming situations. Different places at different point of times are attacked by terrorists leaving behind fear and anguish. The attack on Parliament of India in 2001 is another example of this deadly side of humanity. The current situation of terrorism is not an issue of any particular country, but has become an issue of global concern.

A group of about 60 men organized by the F3 fitness fellowship gather to say a prayer for the victims of the 9/11 attacks after their run in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, Wednesday, September 11, 2013 to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the runs rescue workers made at the World Trade Centers in New York City following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. (Photo by Chris Seward/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT/Sipa USA)

The latest event which took place in Nigeria reflects how this grave issue has affected the world. Maiduguri which is a Nigerian city faced an attack of twin bomb blasts taking lives of above forty-five people in the market place and the terrorist group which is likely to be suspected for this deadly attack is Boko Haram which has been creating destruction in Nigeria. What is disturbing, is the frequency with which such terror attacks are taking place in these times thereby increasing the seriousness of this threat to humanity.

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Let’s not Forget the Unsung Martyrs : Inspired by Tulsi Gabbard

Some personalities need very less introduction, as we start to talk about Tulsi Gabbard, the U.S. House of Representatives for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. She’s even beyond inspiration. It won’t be wrong to describe her as a great luminary that personifies empowerment, sacrifice, willpower and selfless service.

TG - a deep storehouse of personal strengths and leadership qualities

The Amazing Tulsi Gabbard is aptly described as “A deep storehouse of personal strength and leadership qualities.”

Recently, on the event of “Bloody Sunday”, Tulsi released a statement that reminds of the great sacrifice made by African Americans 50 years back. They suffered a great degree of political injustice and civil rights inequality. They were not allowed to exercise their voting rights. In an attempt to answer this, they launched a mass movement marked by a huge public march from Selma to Montgomery to raise the attention of the then ruling authority.

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Modi & Tulsi Gabbard follow Gita, taught by Guru & Spiritual Teachers of Millions of People

As parents we all want our children to follow in the footsteps of people we can trust. We become anxious when our children make friends with the dubious neighbours or seem a little attracted to the other kids who are just not quite on the right side of the law. As they grow up we want them to become good citizens, to do the right things, to know what is acceptable and what is not.

In today’s world finding such a person or people who are the role models we hope our children will copy seems elusive. If we look at the political arena, we can see that people start out with high ideals but often become embroiled in difficulties.

Tulsi gabbard has a foundation that places service to the people and to the creation of a strong and wise society at its fore. Tulsi is one such politician that we can easily place our trust in. This wisdom comes from her longstanding commitment to the principles laid out in the Holy scripture,  Bhagavad Gita followed and taught by all guru, spiritual teacher and spiritual masters worldwide.

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Real Meaning Of Democracy

Democracy plainly can be defined as the representative government. In other words, it means government by the people’s representatives. The citizenry choose those to represent them and their interest in government.

Another school of thought see democracy as government of the majority with the interest of the minority protected. This is to say that the group or party with the majority of votes form government but the interest of the minority is guaranteed by the constitution.

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